International Women's Day

Farah Social Foundation Celebrates International Women’s Day through a Panel Discussion entitled "The Importance of Women’s Economic Empowerment”


Beirut, March 5, 2022 – Under the international theme #BreakTheBias, Farah Social Foundation (FSF), celebrated International Women’s Day by organizing a panel discussion entitled "The Importance of Women’s Economic Empowerment”.

The latter was held in the presence Dr. Habbouba Aoun, Farah Social Foundation President, along with the panelists, Dr. Nahla Abou Diab, the COO of AM Bank, and Head of Women Empowerment for the World Union of Arab Bankers, Mrs. Jessy Trad Kastoun, Financial Media Expert and Head of Business News Department at MTV, Mrs. Aline Kamakian, CEO and Co-founder of Fig Holding and Ms. Jana Al Jawhary, Co-founder of Say It With Chocolate. Participants also included international donors and agencies, NGO partners, and some of FSF’s beneficiaries, specifically women.

The ceremony aimed at highlighting one of Farah Social Foundations main areas of interventions which is women empowerment. Since its inception, FSF through its mission have focused on reducing inequalities by empowering disadvantaged individuals such as women participation in the development of themselves and their communities, thus playing an active role in the economy.

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Habbouba Aoun said: "We will continue supporting disadvantaged women by building their skills and capacities in order to be well integrated in the economy and get the opportunity to enhance and prove their potential. Today, we want to celebrate their achievements and raise awareness against bias.”

During the panel discussion, Dr. Nahla Abou Diab, Mrs. Jessy Trad Kastoun and Mrs. Aline Kamakian, addressed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of women who want to play an active role in the society and specifically in the economy. While, Jana Al Jawhary shared her success story of starting up a small business and how she focuses on empowering women by providing them with working opportunities.

At the end of the event, FSF promised to keep on inspiring and empowering women and girls under FSF women empowerment intervention activities and projects and announced its new project micro-finance for women in the agro-food sector.