Food Security Initiative

Under our Humanitarian Aid Intervention, Farah Social Foundation is distributing food parcels to the most vulnerable food insecure households around Lebanon after conducting a needs assessment that identified the households.

Migrant Workers Support Program

52 migrant workers were supported to go back home with their kids.

Environmental Camp for Children affected by Beirut Blast

Under FSF youth empowerment intervention, Farah Social Foundation, AlShouf Cedar Society and National Rehabilitation and Development Center organized two 3-day environmental camp for children affected by Beirut Blast.

Beirut Blast Relief Response

After the devastating explosion in Beirut, Farah Social Foundation (FSF) team went on the ground responding to the immediate needs caused by the explosion.

Bread Bags Distribution with UAE Aid

FSF in partnership with UAE Aid distributed 67,000 bread bags to the vulnerable households across Lebanon.