Promoting Youth Engagement in Community Development

Promoting youth engagement in community development- Funded by NVSP Program- MOSA - World bank- Implemented by Progressive Socialist Scout- In partnership with Farah Social Foundation

The project consists of initiating a series of competitions among children and youth (Lebanese and non-Lebanese) residing in the 40 different villages (Baadaran, Ain Zain, Salima, Khreybet el Shuf, Semkaniyeh, Niha, Kornayel, Kfarselwen, Btekhnay, Werhaniyeh, Kahlouniyeh, Mazraet El Shuf, Khreybet el Maten, Ras El Maten, Khalwet Falougha,Qobeih, Bchatfine, Deyrkouchi, Brih, Aley, Aramoun,Obey, Batloun,Mimes, Mreyjet, Benay, Hasbaya, Rashaya, Bayssour,Kfarkouk,Kawkaba, Ain Kenya, Jiyeh, Azounieh, Mhaydsi, Aytet, Kfarmatta , Dahr el Ahmar, Koreyeh, Kabershmoun of the districts of Chouf, Aley, Baabda, Rashaya, and Hasbaya. The conceptual framework of the competitions is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard Gardner.

The idea was to group Lebanese and non-Lebanese children and youth in a one-day camp and engage them in life skills and conflict resolution games and then in competitions addressing the different types of intelligence described by Howard Gardner, and that would raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of the participants. An indirect benefit of the games and competitions relates to promoting social protection of children and youth residing in the targeted villages.