We Are

Farah Social Foundation is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization, committed to the International human rights law and International humanitarian law and abides by their provisions; founded in 1988 and registered in Lebanon under number 320/20.

Farah supports best practice in community development and is recognized by the Lebanese Government as a national NGO for community development Socio-Economic level.


Contributing to the development of community on a social and economic level, especially the disadvantaged. Working to eradicate poverty and empower individuals to participate in the development of themselves and their communities


  1. Transparency.
  2. Respect for Human Rights.
  3. Loyalty.
  4. Commitment.
  5. Open-mindedness.
  6. Honesty.
  7. Efficiency.


1.    To improve the conditions of the Lebanese society at all levels and to carry out social and humanitarian services.

2.    To study social conditions and propose ways and means to improve them through a developed and advanced social and developmental approach.

3.    To establish institutions concerned with social care that specifically deal with providing care, recruiting, qualifying needy families, rehabilitating and employing people with special needs.

4.    To carry out development projects and contribute by all means to develop the community and improve its economic conditions and livelihood, in addition to training citizens on social work.

5.    To take all the necessary actions to protect the environment and its natural resources and to provide citizens with guidance, raise their awareness about safeguarding the nations, thus protecting and reviving its heritage.