Agriculture and Rural Development

FSF Agricultural Nurseries

Farah Social Foundation established and equipped 4 agricultural nurseries in Aley, Chouf and Rashaya districts.

This project aims to:

  1. Produce the best quality of seedlings
  2. Provide a place for youth and women to enhance their agricultural skills
  3. Provide job opportunities for the local community

The four nurseries are located in: Baissour, Ramlieh, Kfarfakoud and Rashaya villages.

In spring 2020, the four nurseries were able to grow and distribute 500,000 vegetable seedlings (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Wild Cucumber, Eggplants, sweet and chilli peppers and Zucchini).


The Chouf Agricultural Nursery is funded by Danish Aid Church through Balamand University and implemented in partnership with the National and Rehabilitation Development Center (NRDC).

This nursery is not like any other nursery. It's a special initiative that employs people with special needs giving them a chance to work and shine. It is the first agricultural nursery in Lebanon run by a team of people with special needs. They participated in a training program to prepare them for the work. They will be planting, watering and monitoring the seedlings in the nursery.

FSF and NRDC aims to show that people with special needs can work with others in all sectors with just some minimal adaption.