About The Center

Farah Social Foundation Kfarhim Medical Center was established in 1997. The main purpose behind its establishment was to ensure that local population particularly most vulnerable people has better access to quality primary healthcare services. 

Kfarhim Medical Center provides primary health services including medical analysis, vaccination, and treatment of common endemic and chronic diseases. Services are delivered in an accessible, effective and affordable manner to 12 villages surrounding kfarhim in the Chouf area. The focus of the healthcare center is prevention and health maintenance, including routine physical examinations, antenatal care, well-child exams, immunizations, reproductive health, dental health, gastroenterology, orthopedics etc... Treatment of acute and chronic conditions is also provided, as well as referral to advanced care when needed.

Currently, the center is providing medical services to around 800 cases per month, twelve villages neighboring Kfarhim with approximately 60,000 residents are benefiting from these services. With the Syrian Crisis, the number of inhabitants increased by around 20,000.

In coordination with local and national civil organizations, the center usually implements awareness campaigns such as:

  1. Free workshop on Colorectal cancer in Kfarhim in collaboration with Said NGO and UPW.  
  2. Free Vaccination day for kids in Wata el Msaytbeh in collaboration with NRDC, IYAMED, and UPW. 
  3. Free Medical Day in kfarhim in collaboration with NWN and Kouno Maana NGO.
  4. Awareness Sessions on COVID-19 in collaboration with UNICEF and Balamand University.